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Question posted by Hi
What is your opinion on soap/body wash for a smelly armpit when even soap can't take the smell away? Should it still be used even then?
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Question posted by Nini
I use to have a sweating problem when I'm around people like at school but when I'm home I'm super dry I tried so many dedorants and nothing but I found a deodorant that I don't sweat but the problem is I still smell I tried apple cider vinegar nothing it burns and it doesn't work please help
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Question posted by Question
Can I ask a dermatologist to do a skin biopsy?
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Question posted by Ariel
Dr armpit, my armpits smell like mildew and so do my towels. Are there medical tests I could take for this issue? I don't have any itchiness or redness I just have the smell even when I don't sweat.
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Question posted by Aidan
If we get the armpit transplant, will we still have to use deodorant? Can we use anti perspirant or will that destroy all the good bacteria?
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Question posted by Bob
Hi Everyone, I have found a solution that works for me. You need to follow all the steps otherwise it won't work. First step: Pluck your armpit hair. This a must. If you can't stand the pain, pluck it one by one. Don't use wax or something. I use a hair plucker. Second step: Take a bath using soap. I know that everyone's in here has a good hygiene. So, I'm not trying to insult you guys. Third step: Use Alum or Tawas anything that is available in your country. How to use it is just rub it after to your armpit after you take a shower. So basically, you rub an alum to your armpit while your armpit is still damp. You can rub the alum for 4 motions of up and downs for each armpit. After rubbing your armpit, you need to let your armpit dry with air and not wiping it with a towel. You will see a soft white coat on your armpit after your armpit dry. if you can see than you will notice that alum has created a white layer on your armpits so that the bacteria wont thrive. Now, after your armpit gets dry, you can use clothes. If you feel itchy or burn on your armpit, don't rub it and stop rubbing alum for a while, let your skin heal for couple days. I know you guys won't believe me. But, the combination of having a hairless armpit and using alum works very well. If you don't pluck your armpit hair, using alum will be useless. Good luck everyone. If alum/tawas doesnt work in the first 3-4 days. Just keep using it, because your body needs to adjust to it. After 4 days, it'll work magically.
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Question posted by Evon Woppert
Recommendation: Castor Oil which is not an oil but a bean extract and a powerful anti microbial. Wash, and pat underarms with hydrogen peroxide then coat with castor oil. It will be sticky but will dry mat within an hour and will not stain. Do recommend chlorophyll tablets for neutralizing and cleaning the gut - can't overdose, very few people are sensitive.
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Question posted by One persons bacteria?
What if you take one person with smelly armpits and culture the bacteria from another part of their body with apocrine glands, then transplant that onto their armpits. That way it's the same persons bacteria!
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Question posted by Thinking
Is it possible to get INSIDE the sweat gland somehow? Obviously not easy. But can some technological advance do it? Or maybe will topical applications have the power to get to inside the glands? I'm thinking no.. but I'd really like to know! Thanks so much
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Question posted by Armpit odor
Hello dr armpit- does the Twin with the bacterial transplant still have a little noticeable BO or is it completely gone and he never even notices it?
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Question posted by Debbie knows
Hey I have also tried numerous soaps and bodywashes. Most dont cut the film on skin. One I always use for lasting freshness is vitabath (white w pink container). For some reason the other vitabaths afe not As good for me. Also when you use rubbing alcohol and lotion on feet be sure to do around tops of Nails and underneath nails and keep nails trimmed short. Do your whole foot up to the ankles. Soon it becomes routine. Also note you have to spray 'inside' armpit of your tops. Spraying outside isnt going to work.
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Question posted by Debbie Knows
Just a comment on how I cope w this nasty problem. After showering I pour rubbing alcohol On a cotton makeup pad and swab my armpits and feet especially between toes. Then I use Dove mens unscented deoderant/antiperspirant spray on my pits. ( I am female hence the unscented). Then I use olay 24 hour moisture lotion on the feet and between the toes. Or any good moisturizing lotion. Some work better than others. AND I have a spray bottle of straight Vinigar which I spray on the inside of my tops in the armpit area and all around in a large circle. I saturate it. Then launder w sunlight laundry detergent as usual. If your top still stinks after this redo it . I find my tops really stink in the front armpit seam of my tops so make aure you spray ths area. Sounds like a pain I know but I have tried everything and these products do the best job. As I have commented before, I also take diflucan pill that (which is for yeast infection) once in awhile when I start getting too ripe. This has saved my sanity. None of this will hurt you and you will be surprised how much it helps. Not sure why lotion on the feet helps but is does and is cheaper than deoderant. :D
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Question posted by alex
Hello, Only one of my armpits have a sourish smell to it I've never had this problem, I'm not a sweaty person but as well only this arm gets a little wet down there once i begin full movement. I've tried 4 different deodorant brands as well 5 other soap brands. I'm not sure what else to do as this problem is slowly killing me. Please can you help me
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Question posted by John
How is your research going? Is funding still a problem?
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Question posted by Angel
I am a beekeeper and picked up some bad bacteria from new clotes i bought i recon. I know bees basicly use propolis to disinfect anything. I use it disolved in alcohol for my bees to prep their new equipment. Would that maybe e helpfull as a desinfectant for the bad bacteria? Can you think up a form that might be more liky to be helpfull? I dont know what else to disolve propolis in other than alcohol, on wood the alcohol vaporises and the bees are left with just the effect of the propolis itself, would there be a way to use it under armpits without the killing effect of alcohol. Ut with the maybe the benificiary effect of the propolis? Anyone?
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Question posted by bodyodor777
Hi Dr Armpit, I have a new idea of how to make body odor gone ,because bad bacteria on skin causes body odor, why don't we remove the skin on our armpit by surgery method.I got this idea from the doctor that I met many years ago.He talked to me about this method but he wasn't sure about the result.So, what do you think about it?
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Question posted by Trial
When will a trial be ready for us
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Question posted by soaped
is washing the smelly armpit with soap a good thing or bad thing? because some people say it's bad since it leaves a film that the bad bacteria eat and kills the good ones, also lowering ph level
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Question posted by Dominic
Do you think that if a person has had body odor for a few years, that all of their clothes (even the freshly washed ones) have the malodorous bacteria on them in the armpit region
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Question posted by Priscilla
Does waxing have an effect on the armpit biome? Or does waxing not touch most of the bacteria under the skin?
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