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Question posted by LindaSays
I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work & all that you do to find a cure for people who suffer with this condition everyday, like me. Having the odor has had a negative impact on my life. Friends and colleagues have been cruel & I have gotten to a sad point in my life, but you've given me hope. Thank you again!!
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Question posted by Fiona
Hi Dr. Armpit - I know that I ou are quite busy st the moment. Just wondering if you still answer questions? Thanks.
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Question posted by Cassandra Thick
Why does only my right armpit smell
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Question posted by Patty
Hi My armpits smell like onion, Specially when I get too nervous it's embarrassing I smell it I wonder if other people smell it as well. I'm getting treated for hair laser removal and it's so embarrassing when I go and I'm not wearing any deodorant, I read that deodorant Donna Karen it works like magic, well I went to Macy's today to buy it, $28 dollars we'll see if it works. What really works on me is the baking soda I don't like to use it all the time because I don't know if it's healthy or not, I put on my deodorant and a bit of the baking soda and that really works for me but like I said I don't use it every day. I just want to be a normal lady. Do men suffer from the onion smell?
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Question posted by Lydia
Hello! I just wanted to know whether you are still researching armpit odor and how to lessen it when deodorants and antiperspirants do nothing. Thank you
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Question posted by Nyshyera
How do I stop my underarm from sweating? I sweat after shower with deodorant on. I just sweat period no matter what I'm doin how do I get the sweating to stop?
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Question posted by aoifssull
Just recently I have noticed that my left armpit, has a very strong sweat smell.. even immediately after a shower. Just wondering why this might be happening and how can i resolve it.
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Question posted by isleylux
It all started when i was a kid. I liked to play "pretend-adult" back then and copied my parents putting on deodorant when i dont have any issues at all. Which results to bad odor in such an early age. Ive tried products from branded roll ons to powdered baking sodalike items for my armpit until i was 18. The problem is, the product may work for a few weeks then itll start smelling again. I dony have problem with consistency cause this problem have driven me to clean myself. I dont have any issues in my body excepy this dark lumpy rough smelly armpit. Its gross because the hairs havr thickened because of the shaving and i have chicken skin in it too. With the bad smell its really annoying. Is it a sickness? Cause im really desperate for answers. I dont wanna smell so gross anymore and i want to raise my hands up with confidence that my armpit is smooth
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Question posted by Ana
I don't sweat much. However, if I go outside when it is mildly hot out, my armpits smell terrible. On the contrary, if I'm at the gym and sweating buckets, there is no smell. Also, if I'd go outside and run (sweat) in winter, no smell. Please help as I've tried so much for this.
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Question posted by Kia
Disclaimer: wetness was never an issue for me and my body odor problems. Despite what others say about wetness and body odor I still stunk to high heavens although I was bone dry. Also no antibacterial agents made a difference in my problem. At all! Not vinegar, not alcohol , not witch hazel. Nothing. Ok, here goes------- For people suffering from apocrine gland bromhidrosis, please look into spironolactone. I am completely cured of what plagued my body for 10 years. I smelled like an onion under my arms and in my groin NO MATTER WHAT I tried. Only someone with this problem can understand what I mean when I say I tried everything. I won't even go through the list because i would be here typing all night but whatever you can think of I tried to no avail. I spent thousands of dollars on procedures that slightly reduced my problem but didn't fix it. It still wasn't livable. My problem was NOT bacteria related regardless of what the web or doctors say about body odor.alcohol, antibacterial soaps, tea tree oil etc didn't work. I had no social life and low low self esteem.Please please please look into spironolactone. Testosterone is what activates apocrine glands to secrete and in my case, The sweat produced by glands were smelly. Spironolactone blocks the testosterone and therefore stops the smelly problem that me and many others are suffering from. I have been to specialists, dermatologists, tried topical antibiotics, prescription deodorant, crystals, miradry, detoxes/cleanses and so much more! Changed my diet. I even went raw and nothing! Became vegetarian and all. It was so much guys. I feel like I owe this to the community that was suffering with me. I remember not wanting to live anymore. If this can save anyone I would be happy. There are side effects and there is a disclaimer for men and pregnant women but please you guys. This isn't a gimmick. I researched for months trying to figure out what could cure my problem. Having a science/biological educational and career background was helpful in my search. I also wanted to wait a little bit to be sure that this is something that works and didn't want to get anyone's hopes up. Here I am a month and half on the meds and I'm odorless. I love all of you guys and I wish you all the best. Please just look into it, it has changed my life. AIso I know this will help someone. I just know it will. I remember the anxiety my body odor caused. I remember the depression. I remember dropping out of college. I remember my mom asking me about children and me telling her that I would never have a baby because I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I passed this problem to my children. I wouldn't wish this problem on my worst enemy so now maybe one can get an idea of how bad this was for me. Definitely wasnt just in my head either because people began to talk. Fast forward to today. I cried when it began to work. I get emotional because My problem is gone! I had surgeries all kinds of procedures. Even considered skin grafts to remove those glands. I don't want anyone to have to suffer like I did.
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Question posted by Ben
Sometime in the last 6 months my body odor began to change. It has shifted from a musky smell to a more acrid sulfurous/onion smell. The most significant change that has occurred in this time has been moving in with my girlfriend. Even if I scrub my armpits very well with soap and hot water, the smell will often be there almost immediately after showering. Thanks, Ben
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Question posted by Altagrl
In my prior post I forgot to say you should take zinc along with b6 , probiotics and digestion enmzyes
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Question posted by Altagrl
I too have suffered since about the age of 19 and I am 52 now. Like many I have tried some of everything to stop the underarm order, but recently I found something that has helped me that I would like to share. On a website curezone.com in the forum for body odor I found this treatment that better than anything I tried before has helped me. I decided to copy it and paste it for all who would like to try it to see if it helps you too! Here is the info: According to people who know, body odor comes from lack of enzymes, probiotics and stomach acids to digest proteins and fats, that will go to the intestine without being digested and into the boodstream along with fecal matters that make the body smell, So, you need to take Vitamin B6 plus multi enzymes and probiotics as directed by the manufacturer. This will help you digest your proteins and fats and the problem is solved. .
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Question posted by JJ
Have you thought about creating a chemical to destory the apocrine gland, like how botox stops the eccrine gland? No deoderant i have ever put on the outside has ever done anything...my odor comes from the inside out...especially when i eat strong smelling foods...the next day my body odor is double worse...why not target the glands from the inside rather than bacteria on the outside?
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Question posted by Mara
I have never had any smelly armpit problem. But two year ago, one day I suddenly notice I smell like onion. Then I realize only my left armpit smells like onion, but my right arm never smells. My left armpit smells when I sweat. I saw your Ted talk, I was wondering if I can transfer my good bacteria from my right armpit to my left?
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Question posted by Rod
What terms are used by smell testers to characterize the odor components? I haven't used deodorant/antiperspirant for over 20 years and notice my odor can smell peppery, like celery, or cumin. I think it would rate >0 on your +-8 odor scale. Also, it might have been fun if you asked the participants to rate their own smell and compare it to the experts scores. Any diet correlations? Any genetic predispositions or correlations? Also, a comment about your twin experiment... it's possible the transplant works on others. Are you assuming the transplant will fail 100% because it failed on the non-twin subject?
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Question posted by Ajah
Ever since the 5th grade i have always been known as the smelly one. I try to do everything , try natural deodrants, different kind of soaps ,cutting out certain foods. And i have always been bullied or talked behind my back because of my odor. I have have even went to dermatologist that brushed off my body odor as "everyone has body odor some just have more than others" I am 21 and it really taking a toll on me .I love doing makeup but because i have to be in other people personal space i don't do it. My friends talk about my body odor and it just make me so sad. I tried doubling up on deodorant and even carry dryer downy sheets in my pockets in . Please help me because I am really tired of living like this. Im even scared of hugging people because of my body odor.
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Question posted by Jamie
Hello, I saw your Ted talk. I have BO and deodorant is not helping. It started to get really bad about 10 years ago in my early twenties. Any help would be awesome.
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Question posted by Justin
I found your site from a google search, and then watched the TEDx talk. Here is my situation. One year ago I was diagnosed with CKD stage 3, I am a 44 year old male, and have never suffered from body odor before. These last 6 months I have noticed an increasing onion odor from my armpits, and neither showering nor deodorant have helped. I am becoming more self conscious about it, and have already been out of the dating scene for too long, so this is very upsetting. I just assumed that it was due to my kidney disease, but after doing some research maybe it is bacteria? I would be grateful for any help. You are definitely carrying out valuable work. I live in the US, but can make a visit to Belgium (I think I read that is where you are based). My diet is fairly good, and I am not overweight. My only vice is tobacco snus, which do in fact make me sweat. Perhaps this is the signal to stop such a bad habit. Thank you for you time.
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Question posted by Confused
Dr armpit-Why do my armpits smell really bad after applying apple cider, white vinegar, lemon or alcohol? The smell stays in my clothes and hydrogen peroxide smells awesul too when it comes in contact with my armpit skin... I wonder if it's a ph issue? I might have to buy some ph strips to test my sweat...
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