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Question posted by Daliah
Is there ever going to be an armpit transplant available to us?? Thanks.
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Question posted by Hugo Stabel
I once read that (not in alle cases) Teatree oil can help. The bacteria producing the bad smell seem not to like the oil. Teatree oil is cheap en easily to buy. I've got sometimes troubles with bad smell, especially when I transpire hard. The Teatree oil helped, although you have to renew the treatment after a month or two. I just brought the oil in the armpit for a day of 5 and the problem was gone. As Teatree oil costs almost nothing, it 's worth a try.
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Question posted by Mariah
Hi Dr Armpit, can you answer some questions please? Thanks!!
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Question posted by Grace
I've tried all sorts of home remedies to get rid of my stubborn armpit odor, such as witch hazel and hydrogen peroxide, but whenever I put these products under my armpits, they have this distinct odor that stinks. This is also the same whenever I wear deodorant or antiperspirant. It just seems to amplify my odor even more. I can't seem to smell my own odor but I've been told that it smells like sweat or onion. I don't even sweat all that much. Is there anything I can do or try to get rid of this odor once and for all? I'm so tired of living my life in fear everyday.
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Question posted by sarah
Does jogging(sweating) kill bacteria get rid body odor?
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Question posted by Cheryl Woodruffe
Dear Dr A Re: Self referral/Test Subject I have watched your Ted Talk and paid attention to your request for test subjects. I myself suffer from extremely bad odour. I notice if I bike to work the smell is very unpleasant, if I take a shower I can still admit a smell only a few minutes after having washed. This is something that has effected my life and I would very much like to take part in your clinical studies. Your sincerely Cheryl Woodruffe
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Question posted by Donna
Which is better in promoting the good bacteria and making sure the bad ones don't grow: disposable cotton underarm pads, a used (but washed) cotton shirt, or a brand new cotton shirt? Thank you!
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Question posted by Stephen Santua
Does my armpit causes myself and other to sneeze? It really bothers my social life.
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Question posted by Jill C
Why is an onion odor so prevalent among odorous armpits? does this type of bad bacteria take over the easiest?
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Question posted by Kate
Hello! I am a 28 y/o female in Austin, TX. Up until a few months ago, I never had problems with body odor. After working out or sweating outside, my armpits would produce a smell, but nothing out of the ordinary. In April of 2017, I began to notice a few symptoms begin all at once. I began have chronic flank/kidney pain on both sides, frequent urination as I went to bed in the evening, and, the worst of all, extremely bad armpit odor. Since this began it has been almost a nonstop problem. I'm not saying every once in a while, but it has been constant and both armpits smell like an onion. The smell cannot even be washed away at this point. Vinegar helps temporarily but it always returns. Thoughts on the kidney connection?
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Question posted by Minnie
Hello Dr. Armpit, Any thoughts on how Nathalie Tufenkji's research on cell walls and maple syrup extract could be used to access apocrine glands with antibiotics?
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Question posted by Aaron
armpits have been giving off a strong weed like/skunky smell. this started about a month ago. ive scrubbed and scrubbed in the shower with soap. apply deodorant and after all of that i still smell. this smell just wont go away so i imagine it has to be some bacteria. i dont know what to do the smell just persists
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Question posted by Aimee
Dear Dr Armpit, Recently I read that you are working on a bottle with the good bacteria inside so, people can buy it and be odorfree for some days/weeks. Are you able to tell when it will be in stores (if it will come in stores of course)? Hoping to hear from you. Thanking you in advance. KR Aimee
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Question posted by Jane
Is there one or more substances that you have realized can permeate the sweat glands and hair roots easier and not just act topically? Thanks
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Question posted by Hopeful4cure
Firstly , thank you for everything you do Doc, you have given me hope for the future at a time when I had none. Thank you!! My questions is: to help control or reduce the odor until we get a solution, are there any particular anti-bacterial solutions you think are most effective? Like I've seen Neosporin or baking soda, is there anything more you recommend! Thank you for your time!
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Question posted by Beth
Dear Dr.Armpit. Thank you so much for your thorough and creative approach to malodour, and for giving myself and other B.O sufferers courage to go on after facing so many disappointments. I have some questions regarding the experiment using bacterial transplantion. Obviously, you would get the best results if the whole process was supervised by a team of trained scientists, but if I was to do some experimenting on my own, how would I go forward with this? Would rubbing my armpits with my sweeter-smelling mother og sister`s (not twin) sweaty t-shirts do? How "fresh" should this sweat be? You also mentioned another possibility in an earlier post in this Q&A; rubbing some of one`s own sweat from less smelly body parts with apocrine sweat glands, into the armpits. Could this actually work, and which parts are most likely to provide the required amount of "good" bacteria needed, if you were to take a guess? All the best, Beth
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Question posted by Hot Pants
HELP! When I consume large quantities of malt liquor my armpits (right one especially) smell rank. I also often consume large quantities of cheap vodka with the malt liquor. Could that have something to do with it? Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter!
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Question posted by jane
how can i wash out my bacteria on armpit roots please help me i was infected please help me.
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Question posted by shayla
How to use antibiotic on armpit? When I stop using ?
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Question posted by peter Bailey
I have strong odor on my armpit and I use deodorant still have it what should I do Doctor please help me.im a lonely because of it.I think I should kill myself. Please help me
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