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Question posted by Becca
Will putting an antiperspirant on help to smell better? Will the aluminum make the good bacteria grow?
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Question posted by Julez
Hi, ever since I gave birth to my baby I noticed an oder coming from my armpits and probably changed 3 or 4 different deodorants. I went to take a blood test and checked my thyroid but my doctor says that all is normal. I don't know what else to do or where else to go.
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Question posted by Ruby
So, I've recently noticed a change in the smell of my right underarm a few weeks ago so I tried to to change deodorants. It seemed like it worked for a few days and then came back stronger then ever. I am a person who absolutely adores to smell good so this is truly bothering me. Fast forward to a few days ago I noticed a bump under my skin and instead of it popping it just got bigger and bigger and the smell even worst. My skin started peeling so i rubbed it off, slightly and it became raw. I honestly don't know where this came from or what I've dont wrong. Please help. Thank you:)
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Question posted by fernando
Hi Dr. Armpit,first of all thank you so much for doing this research,Unfortunately I am one of the person who is suffering from this issue.Recently, I saw you mentioned in one of news article that you have successfully cured patients who had body odor by armpit transplant method. So, Can I go to your clinic and have the treatmet for my armpit? Thank you
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Question posted by Diane
Hi Dr Armpit- thank you so much for your research! It means a lot to many of us. When do you think your grant will be accepted and allow for a trial that we can take part in? Late next year? Thanks again so much.
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Question posted by Eve
Do you think bacteriophages could be an effective tool to combat body odor? It seems like it could be used to target the malodorous bacteria, while keeping the "good" bacteria unaffected. Thank you for your excellent research and interest in helping all of us!!!
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Question posted by Struggling
Hi dr armpit, are you still answering questions on this site? Thanks!
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Question posted by Rachelle
I recently had a bilateral mastectomy. Since then my left arm it wreaks! I cannot wash the smell Away. Deodorant doesn't help...I'm too young to smell this bad ! Help!
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Question posted by Bram Gremmen
dear reader i"m Bram Gremmen from the Netherlands and i am doing some sort of project for my graduation. and i would like to ask a few questions. were does the smell come from and wich bacterie are the most important for that, and what are these bacteria doing that there is this kind of smell. thank you very much and sorry for my english kind regards Bram Grremmen
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Question posted by Thanks!
Thank you so much for your research. Why can't you just simply swab a persons armpit, grow those bacteria, then selectively allow only the good bacteria to grow, and transplant those back onto the persons armpit? This way, it's only the persons bacteria and not their sister/mother/brother.
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Question posted by Julia
I have been prone to body odor problems over my life, but in the last months the smell has become much worse. I am a 52 year old, post-menopausal woman. I am an attorney (sedentary job) with a long commute by car, and am not physically active. I believe I have blood sugar issues. I have recently successfully treated some inflammation issues (burning feet) with turmeric milk. I drink up to four cups of coffee per day. Since completing menopause, I have become very hot-natured: I feel comfortable in a sleeveless blouse when all the other women in the room are shivering in sweaters. My sense of smell isn't particularly acute, but when I wake up in the morning, I am immediately assailed by the horrible odor of my own armpits, strong and offensive. Efforts to remove the smell during the day when I cannot fully bathe and soap my armpits at work, aren't very successful, and then the smell clings to my fingers as if it were invisible glue. Witch hazel has been useful lately to quell the smell in midday. Chlorophyll tablets worked successfully to eradicate the odor in the past, but now aren't solving the problem. Of course I bathe daily, wear deodorant, and shave my armpits like most American women, etc. I've tried an "armpit detox" wherein you apply bentonite clay and allow it to dry, theoretically drawing out whatever is causing the smelly odor, but this is only marginally and temporarily successful. I already occasionally take magnesium (Epsom salt) baths. I have heard of probiotic deodorants, and I'm going to find one and try this next. Does anything that I have mentioned here suggest a cause of the problem? I do not want to become obsessively conscious of the smell, lest I become permanently embarrassed and housebound, but I really need help. I am grateful that you are addressing this problem, whether or not your work can ever benefit me personally.
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Question posted by Curious
Dear Dr. Armpit, I've struggled with armpit odor since puberty and I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I have an overgrowth of armpit bacteria (all my clothes smell after I wear them once or twice) - I was wondering if there is a link?
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Question posted by curiosity
i have been using deodorants for a long time and stopped using it after i changed it to a cream used for whitening underarms. i have used the cream for both underarms but now only my right armpit has an odour. i also stopped using the cream and deodorant but why does it still smell bad when the other doesn't? how do i get rid of it and why is this happening to the right underarm only? it smells bad even if I'm sweating a little bit only. besides, its awkward to have the smell when me and my bf is having a sexy time.
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Question posted by Jillian
How do you even "transplant" bacteria? What is your simplified scientific procedure to do so?
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Question posted by bob
hi i sweat a lot in my armpits and that is really the only spot i sweat and i dont like it
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Question posted by Wow
This is super interesting. Who thought it could be bacteria?! I thought it was just the sweat that smelled. So are there bacteria inside the sweat gland that are kind of "untouched" and can't be killed if they are malodorous?
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Question posted by Taniah
Is there anything I can do every day, that will (over time) help my armpit biome shift to a desirable one where normal non odorous bacteria dominate? I heard something about wearing the same shirt over again? Is there anything else that may even have the slightest shot of success? Thank you.
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Question posted by Mrs louise wright
Hi im louise and im 33 years old and my b o is smelling like weed i dont smoke it or been anywhere near any its a real mystery as it only started afew months ago sometimes its that strong of a smell you would think someone has been smoking it in my house me and my partner were looking for were this smell was coming from before we realised it is actually please help as i have never been a conscoius or paranoid person but since this started i have become very paranoid thanks louise
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Question posted by Priyanka Parekh
Hi! So for a couple of days now I have noticed a funky earthy smell coming from my armpits that I have NEVER noticed before. It's been cold and not sweaty at all. I have been using Tom's natural deodorant and I have no idea where this is coming from. I don't think its infection because I have no visible rashes.
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Question posted by Cathy
I have never had an issue with body odor before and it took a lot for me to work up a sweat and all of a sudden after I had a mild stroke and was hospitalized suddenly my right armpit would get musty shortly after my shower. I have always used antibacterial soap and the same deodorant for years so nothing changed. I went online and was amazed with how ,any people that suffered from " unilateral armpit must" lol. I read recommendations to use alcohol and antibacterial soap. I suddenly had an epiphany I decided to take a dime sized drop of hand sanitizer and rub it under my armpits and "VOILA" problem solved. It stung a little but totally solved the problem so I went to Bath & Body Works and purchased scented ones the next day!
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