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Question posted by Debbie Knows
Just a comment on how I cope w this nasty problem. After showering I pour rubbing alcohol On a cotton makeup pad and swab my armpits and feet especially between toes. Then I use Dove mens unscented deoderant/antiperspirant spray on my pits. ( I am female hence the unscented). Then I use olay 24 hour moisture lotion on the feet and between the toes. Or any good moisturizing lotion. Some work better than others. AND I have a spray bottle of straight Vinigar which I spray on the inside of my tops in the armpit area and all around in a large circle. I saturate it. Then launder w sunlight laundry detergent as usual. If your top still stinks after this redo it . I find my tops really stink in the front armpit seam of my tops so make aure you spray ths area. Sounds like a pain I know but I have tried everything and these products do the best job. As I have commented before, I also take diflucan pill that (which is for yeast infection) once in awhile when I start getting too ripe. This has saved my sanity. None of this will hurt you and you will be surprised how much it helps. Not sure why lotion on the feet helps but is does and is cheaper than deoderant. :D
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Question posted by alex
Hello, Only one of my armpits have a sourish smell to it I've never had this problem, I'm not a sweaty person but as well only this arm gets a little wet down there once i begin full movement. I've tried 4 different deodorant brands as well 5 other soap brands. I'm not sure what else to do as this problem is slowly killing me. Please can you help me
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Question posted by John
How is your research going? Is funding still a problem?
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Question posted by Angel
I am a beekeeper and picked up some bad bacteria from new clotes i bought i recon. I know bees basicly use propolis to disinfect anything. I use it disolved in alcohol for my bees to prep their new equipment. Would that maybe e helpfull as a desinfectant for the bad bacteria? Can you think up a form that might be more liky to be helpfull? I dont know what else to disolve propolis in other than alcohol, on wood the alcohol vaporises and the bees are left with just the effect of the propolis itself, would there be a way to use it under armpits without the killing effect of alcohol. Ut with the maybe the benificiary effect of the propolis? Anyone?
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Question posted by bodyodor777
Hi Dr Armpit, I have a new idea of how to make body odor gone ,because bad bacteria on skin causes body odor, why don't we remove the skin on our armpit by surgery method.I got this idea from the doctor that I met many years ago.He talked to me about this method but he wasn't sure about the result.So, what do you think about it?
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Question posted by Trial
When will a trial be ready for us
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Question posted by soaped
is washing the smelly armpit with soap a good thing or bad thing? because some people say it's bad since it leaves a film that the bad bacteria eat and kills the good ones, also lowering ph level
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Question posted by Dominic
Do you think that if a person has had body odor for a few years, that all of their clothes (even the freshly washed ones) have the malodorous bacteria on them in the armpit region
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Question posted by Priscilla
Does waxing have an effect on the armpit biome? Or does waxing not touch most of the bacteria under the skin?
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Question posted by Smelly feet
Dear Dr. Armpit, I have been closely following your research as you have probably seen in the title, I have issues with smelly feet. However, I haven't seen much research on this topic, and hoping when it comes to understanding of bacteria composition evolution in research concerning bromhidosis on armpits can also have give more insights on bromhidosis concerning feet. Can you suggest fellow researchers on bromhidosis, but more specifically concerning feet? (a dr. feet in this matter :) ) I would like to reach out to them to have a better understanding how to inhibit the smell. I don't sweat much on my feet, I would suggest it's on average level but the odor is so strong it actually gives me headache when confined in a small room. It's not even normal "smelly" odor, just immensely pungent, as if poisonous even. Also how much does a research on average cost, going through all the forums, and seeing how many people suffer from this, it really make sense to have crowdfunding to finance the study if there's budget constraints. I read how people suffer and so eager to get help, spending literally hundreds if not thousand of dollars on lotions, shoes, and what not, I can imagine if 10% of world population is suffering from this that a crowdfunding would make sense if this is on low priority in the medical world. It's not a life threatening disease when it comes to quantity of live but the quality of life is so affected, I'm sure it would have success (crowdfunding) when the right people are being targeted. Thanks for your advice and for your research!!!
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Question posted by ROBERT J MILLER
I am really perplexed about this. I have made several positive changes in diet and excercise frequency. I have dramatically reduced the amount of alcohol, began eating lots of organic vegetables, nuts, mushrooms and olives, etc.. I have also dramatically reduced the amount of sugary foods and do not touch processed foods anymore. The order stopped about 4-5 days ago. I am not complaining, but I can't find examples of this happening in my web research. I did also begin a supplement called Vital Stem and drink only black coffee, black and green tea, water, Kombucha, sometimes, coconut water...
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Question posted by esra
y do my armpits smell instantly even after showering?It's not a usual bo smell, it's different. It's almost sourish smelling.I've different soaps/deo
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Question posted by Ida
Perhaps a weak acid, or Epsom salts? Baking soda? Will anything like this have the potential to completely change an armpit biome?
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Question posted by Mary Harden
When my daughter was born, her esophagus attached to her lung so surgery was done to reattach it to her stomach. The doctor cut in from the back. Even when she was an infant she had bo under one pit only. What deodorant can she use that is strong enough to last all day?
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Question posted by nadia
my child took an overdose of amyn S 125 what would happend to her she took about 70ml more then she supposed to
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Question posted by Caprice
Thank you for this incredible resource! I'm a 26 year-old active female that began making my own deodorant when I wasn't satisfied with the "natural" versions I had purchased at the store (and I tried A LOT). One of my creations has included a probiotic capsule, or rather, the contents of a probiotic capsule. The foundation of my deodorant is primarily beeswax. Do you think this addition is necessary? Or even beneficial? I sometimes wonder if the heat of the beeswax and other ingredients end up killing off the probiotic ingredients (though I do try to add it when it's slightly cooled). I would love to hear your opinion!
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Question posted by Liza
Wait, if you go to the doctors and they prescribe a topical antibiotic for your underarm area, the malodorous bacteria still grow back? Why is this?
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Question posted by antiperspirant
why does antiperspirant work for people who don't have any armpit odor and not for people who do have armpit odor? isn't that counter intuitive?
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Question posted by anonymous
Maybe this?: what if (to get inside the skin and hair follicules), you shaved the armpit and then bathed? That way the gland might be washed out? Or will it still not really get inside the skin?
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Question posted by lol
my armpit smells bad, i wonder is it is healthy to have smelly armpits.
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