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Question posted by Gary
A few years ago, I came to the conclusion that I do not smell and stopped wearing deodorant. I haven't worn it for years now and have never been told I have BO. Is this normal?
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Question posted by AT
Do you expect this process to work on people with overactive apocrine glands?
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Question posted by Tani
Hello, I heard about your research and how bacteria transfer from relative without odor helping those with bad odor. My mother doesn't have armpit odor, but I suffer from strong odor like my father, will wearing her worn clothes help me? I don't want her to start smelling like me though when she wears her clothes again. Perhaps she can use a double-sided tape with cotton pads in the armpit area that I can wear later? Sounds wacky, but I'm desperate; like so many of these fellow sufferers, it's had such a devastating impact on my quality of life!
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Question posted by Smellson
I have struggled with body odor since puberty. About 8 years ago, I took propecia for hair loss for a short period of time. I had terrible side effects, one of which has been strong, potent, consistent body odor. Another was a general change and worsening of my bowel function. Both have persisted since. Is there a link between gut flora and armpit flora? In other words, would you expect to be able to successfully treat armpit odor without addressing gut flora? Also, if you would ever need US citizens for a trial, I would love to participate. Is this a possibility?
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Question posted by Cherish scott
I just started college at Indiana University and I had an interview that requested business formal attire so I borrowed someone's white Oxford shirt. Recently, I discovered my B.O has intensified and is very strong. I can't help but wonder, can bacteria transfer and thus have the same effect on another person? I think it'd be awesome to research ways of neutralizing B.O. My odor just a year ago was little to NONE. Now I smell like a grizzly bear and Would love to look further into putting my pits back to normal. :) Thanks, Cherish Scott Indiana University
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Question posted by Gertjan
Ls, al jaren heb ik last van zweetlucht, niet alleen van de oksels, maar voor mijn gevoel overal, vooral bij stress komt dat meteen op. ik merk dat mijn zoon van 16 dat nu ook krijgt. Wat kunnen we doen om dit te verhelpen, kunt u ons helpen? Gertjan
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Question posted by K
Dear Dr. Armpit, I understood that it's better to use cotton clothes to avoid armpit smell. I wear only cotton underwear and T-shirts, however I still have smelly armpits. I shower every day, and on top of that I wash with anti-bacterial Dettol soap once or twice a day. I use a Weleda citrus deo, which seems to be quite harmless (and inefficient). I noticed that the smell changes with the clothes I wear. For example although I sleep one whole week in the same (cotton) pyjamas, they seldom smell, whether I shower before sleeping or not. Starting from there, I have two questions. Is it possible that the smell comes from the food I eat ? If I wash my cotton clothes at 95 degrees Celsius, will I get rid of the bacteria generating the smell ? Many thanks for your reply.
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Question posted by victoria
Hey dr.armpit i just stumbled across this website today and was so happy to have found you. My name is victoria and i have really bad musty armpit odor for 4 years it has ruined my life . I left school never went back im 18 going to be 19 and i want to do something with my life but its so hard to deal with peoples comments and reactions when i walk in everyone holds their nose and whisper things im just so sad i feel pain every day please help me chamge my life .
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Question posted by Floor
Beste Dr. Armpit. Ik (23 jaar) heb al jaren last van stinkoksels. Mijn broer (30 jaar) heeft daarentegen zeer frisse oksels. We hebben tweemaal een experiment uitgevoerd waarbij we zijn bacterien probeerden over te brengen naar mijn oksels. Bij het eerste experiment hebben we zijn okselharen afgeknipt en een paar minuten onder mijn oksels geplakt. Bij het tweede experiment hebben we met behulp van een spatel en een zakdoek zijn okselzweet onder mijn gedesinfecteerde oksels gesmeerd. Tot op heden hebben deze experimenten nog geen vruchten afgeworpen. Daarom wil ik u bij deze melden dat ik dolgraag mee wil doen aan 1 van uw experimenten. Als u binnenkort weer proefpersonen nodig heeft, dan kunt u mij bereiken via floortje_sweet@hotmail.com. Hartelijk bedankt en hopelijk tot ziens. Succes met uw onderzoeken. Met vriendelijke groet, Floor
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Question posted by Dick R.
Sinds ik mijn oren heb laten uitspuiten bij de huisarts, heb ik jeuk in mijn beide gehoorgangen die met oordruppels - hydrocortison- wordt bestreden. Van de doktersassistente hoor ik dat deze klacht vaker voorkomt. De huisarts zegt dat zoiets slechts suggestie is, maar ik denk in de bacterie- richting. Heeft het zin mij oren te reinigen (bv dmv uitspuiten) en dan met een ' vuil ' (dwz met oorsmeer bacteriën van een ander zonder klachten) wattenstaafje mijn oren te 'infecteren'?
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Question posted by Sanne
Could you tell me what kills the specific bacteria that cause the bad smell? When I wash my armpits with only water, use no deodorants and wear new long sleeves, I don´t smell at all. But I keep on contaminating myself by wearing my existing wardrobe. Now I´m experimenting by spraying Dettol on every shirt in the armpits before I wash it, but does Dettol do the trick? Do you already know what is needed to kill those stinkers? I have to wash my clothes at 40 degrees, otherwise they damage. In other words: what do you advice me to spray on the stinky parts before throwing them in the washing machine?
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Question posted by Lisa
Hi Dr. Armpit, I am wondering why my armpit usually smells like mirihuana. It's actually really pleasant, both me and my boyfriend agree, but I'm just curious to know how and why! I rarely smoke it. Thank you in advance.
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Question posted by asselbergs ine
18 jaar geleden zijn alle okselklieren aan mijn rechterarm weggehaald vanwege borstkanker. Ik transpireerde wel wat maar stonk nooit. En ja hoor, onder de linkerarm begon het te stinken ,, ik ruik mezelf,, zei ik tegen mijn man. Ik gebruik altijd anti transparant. Waarschijnlijk beter deodorant gebruiken of dagenlang hetzelfde t shirt.
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Question posted by Vicky
Beste Dr Callewaert Eerst en vooral proficiat met uw interessant onderzoek. Dit zal veel mensen ook een boost aan zelfvertrouwen geven! Ook handig is dat kunstmatige geurstoffen in deo's als 'lapmiddeltjes' kunnen vermeden worden voor de huid door de techniek van het plaatsen van 'goede' bacteriën. Wat is de kostprijs voor een dergelijke behandeling? Waar kan deze behandeling uitgevoerd worden? Ik vroeg me af of ik op een discrete manier een afspraak kon maken om dit vervelende kwaaltje te verhelpen. Alvast bedankt voor uw antwoord. Vriendelijke groeten Vicky
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Question posted by Flo
Dear Dr. Armpit, I read a very interesting article about your research in de Volkskrant. I'v had a very bad odor under my right armpit for the last 10 years. In the article I read that also the people in the control group, who just used plain cottonpads, reached a reduce in smell. I would like to try this myself at home. What kind of cottonpads did you use in the experiment and how? Could you tell me a litte more about this please? I think it's worthwhile a try. Thank you in advance. And keep on doing this research, it's very important. I would be so happy if this problem could by fixed. Best regards.
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Question posted by Michael
In your sampling, what species of bacteria have you identified? Which ones produce the worst odor? Which ones produce the best odor?
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Question posted by Daisy Fresh
Both pits used to have some b.o. pretty equally. I am past menopause.
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Question posted by 1armpit BO girl
Hello, I just want to ask why does my one armpit only has BO?
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Question posted by sama31655
Two years ago a lump developed in my right armpit. It was extreamly painful. When I went to the doctor it was determined that I was having a allergic reaction to my new deodorant, degree clinical strength. The lump was cut open and that was that. However, I began to notice that my clothes began to smell more than usual. I'm an extreme sweater so I'm used to smell. But it became apparent that my right arm it was smelling more than my left. I continue to use deodorant, spirit, but the smell comes still. I was wondering if there are any products to fix my problem
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Question posted by One Arm
I had shoulder surgery - after I knew to expect the arm in the sling to be more smelly because it was contained and hard to lift arm and wash. It is now 2 months past- no sling, going though physical therapy, but can lift the arm more or less normally, The smell is still much stronger on the armpit where I had the surgery. Very strong and different smelling than the left arm. Why would this be?
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